Pushing against the tide – What does depression look like?

You know when you read an article about depression, there’es always a picture to go with it. Something from Thinkstock or similar. Normally it’s a woman (and a young one at that), with her head in her hands. Or sitting huddled in a corner. Normally with long, straight, lank hair. Trapped in herself. That black cloud of cliches weighing down her shoulders as a black dog bounds around, sucking all the joy out of her body. Yeah, that’s exactly what depression looks like.

Blue skies and sea Thailand Koh Tao sunrise

Or there’s the face of recovery. I always feel like it’s a bit simpering. The little smile of “I’m happy with me now”.… Read more

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Feeling Festive – #bloggersxmas

I do love a good blogger event. Blogging twosome Soeurs de Luxe hosted the #bloggersxmas in a very quiet Moorgate on a Saturday afternoon. I had the pleasure of attending with my lovely friend Keely, who, as it turned out, had a more exciting day than I did.

There was  mix of festive treats and brands to meet with on the day. There was Joe Browns with their mix of glitzy party pieces and quirky daywear.

#bloggersxmas Joe Brows dress beading detailing

#bloggersxmas Joe Browns fur accessory details

After mising out on the Karma Moments event because I was bedbound with a chest infection it was nice to see Jewellery Box again and their pretty little silver pieces.… Read more

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Highgate Cemetery – Walking in silence

On the Sunday before Hallowe’en without thinking too much about the date I decided to visit Highgate Cemetery. The final resting place of some of the most famous people of the last century, I’d been planning to take a visit for some time.

Highgate Cemetery angel statue

I know the idea of visiting a cemetery is not to everyone’s taste, but I’ve got a pragmatic view of death – we’ve all got to do it. And some of the people buried in the cemetery have had some bearing on my life in one way or another, so for me it was also about paying my respects to them.… Read more

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