Pushing against the tide – aren’t I too old for this?

Reading through literally hours of search results for any variation of terms containing the word depression one thing strikes me more than anything else. The amount of it which is pointed towards students.

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This could be due to the demographics of internet users. Younger people are more likely to use the web to find answers to their problems. Maybe people past a certain age (ie 25) are less likely to be open about their experiences, at least online. People who remember a world before the web.

There’s just so many articles about dealing with exams or stress from revision or moving to a new city.… Read more

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Loud contemplation – I’ll never be a blogger dream girl

But you know? I’m cool with that.

I love having a blog. I love that I get to write things I care about and periodically people read it. But I’m ever more aware that what my blog is deviates so far from the accepted norm I’m at risk of banishing myself to the hinterlands for eternity.

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The world of blogging sometimes feels like being back at school. My school wasn’t amazing – but there were still very set rules on what you should ownto fit in. Didn’t have a £20 Bon Bleu tracksuit? Eee, why? Or that year everyone had Chipie trainers that they’d got from TJ Hughes?… Read more

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Pushing against the tide – The last taboo

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while, but haven’t had the courage to. Then on Saturday it was World Suicide Prevention Day. Not national, world. I then had the impetus I needed.

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I wrote the below on Facebook, and since it covers everything I wanted to say I thought I’d republish it in full here.


Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. I’ve thought about and planned how to kill myself on numerous occasions over years.
When I was put on antidepressants at the start of the year it was after I told the GP I’d worked out three ways to kill myself at home and I’d settled on a favourite.

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